Chase x BuzzFeed x RUN DMC x New York Knicks Host Pizza Joint Pop-Up

Chase, BuzzFeed, RUN DMC, and the New York Knicks have all joined forces to open a limited-edition pop-up “Pizza Joint”. The purpose of this pop-up is to celebrate New York’s greatest traditions and fuel excitement for the return of the New York Knicks.


The pop-up will be open from Nov 8th – Nov 22nd at 63 Clinton Street in New York City.


See the dates below for special activities:

  • Basketball and Bedazzling (Nov. 12): Fans can bedazzle their favorite gear and watch the game with Kerin Rosegold, famed crafter and bedazzler to the stars including Katy Perry, Lady Gaga, Rihanna, Beyonce and more.

  • Knicks Show and Tell (Nov. 13): Fans of all ages will showcase their beloved Knicks memorabilia for a panel of surprise judges hosted by Yoni Lotan.

  • Knicks Dating Night (Nov. 18): An opportunity for Knicks fans to bond over their shared qualities of resilience, loyalty, style and confidence hosted by Yoni Lotan.

  • Knicks Trivia and Jock Jams Karaoke (Nov. 19): Flaunt your Knicks knowledge and belt out your favorite retro soundtrack among die-hard fans hosted by Casey Jost and Yoni Lotan.