Bravado lives at the crossroads of music and fashion. We understand the power of smart merchandising, and we know how to create products that spark organic, emotional connections between fans and artists. Our world class capabilities have made us the leading provider of consumer, lifestyle and brand management services around the world. With teams in 40 countries, we create a tailored approach for every project — from creating new spaces in the market to bringing an artist’s creative vision to life. Bravado is about building brands and legacies that live on, beyond the music.


Creative Services

Our talented in-house creative team lives and breathes art, music and fashion. They identify important trends in each of these critical spaces, and serve as a cultural barometer that knows how to cut through the noise to create compelling products and experiences. This deep cultural context is key; it means we are uniquely positioned to create fresh and exciting products that reflect an artist’s brand and identity. Our Grammy nods and Beazley Design Awards are proof. 

Branding & Marketing Services

The foundation behind building our brands and legacies lies in our branding and marketing capabilities. Our global marketing teams start with the artist’s vision and develop a brand building strategy that brings the vision to life. They ensure everything we do embodies that brand vision— retailer sell-in programs, experiential consumer events, tour and direct-to-consumer experiences, and, most critically, the merchandise designs. This marketing process ensures that our artists’ vision and brand equity are carefully developed, nurtured and grown with each new collection and campaign.

Global Retail

We’ve built the most extensive global distribution pipeline in the industry. It’s powered by strong, direct relationships in the retail space, and by our ability to consistently curate the right variety of products and experiences. Our global and in-market local teams work closely together to ensure we are managing our brands consistently everywhere, while maximizing reach within each market.  It’s the art of balancing the fine lines that define local markets, while ensuring a consistent brand look and feel across the globe.  


Our licensing team extend the scale and scope of Bravado’s brands into categories beyond apparel and traditional consumer products. They identify dynamic partnerships across a variety of platforms and categories from footwear and accessories to gaming and spirits. They work closely with an extensive global network of best-in-class licensees to deliver dynamic brand partnerships that maximize reach without diluting the brand. 

E-Commerce / Direct-To-Consumer

It’s one thing to bring merchandising directly to a fan’s fingertips; it’s another to fully optimize the online and mobile experiences of consumers and to leverage real-time data by activating in-house digital analytics. It’s this type of information that allows us to drive revenue and create successful online marketing campaigns. Curating the right combination of products is key — but understanding customer purchasing behavior is priceless. We understand how to do both. 

Touring + Consumer Experience

Tours are powerful ways to bring an artist’s story to life…but these days, it’s not just about being in the stands — or even in the front row. Surprise pop-ups and other one-of-a-kind events can connect fans and their favorite artists more directly and create unforgettable moments that capture complete customer engagement. We bring these fan experiences to life in extremely unique and creative ways that have garnered significant press and accolades. The Weeknd’s Starboy pop up was awarded a CLIO award and the Kanye West / Life of Pablo pop-up was nominated for a Lions award at the Cannes Lions Festival. 


We know that an organization is only as good as its employees so Bravado is continuously seeking the best. If you live for music, fashion and innovation and thrive in creative environments with an exciting culture, we encourage you to apply for one of our openings today.

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