Guns N’ Roses x Market

MARKET in collaboration with Guns N’ Roses, The Smiley Company and Bravado, released a unisex capsule collection celebrating the legendary band Guns N’ Roses.

In order to properly pay homage to the heritage of Guns N’ Roses, the MARKET team sourced vintage denim from the ‘80s and ‘90s in the streets of Los Angeles for the hero pieces of the collection. The team upcycled denim jeans and jackets of the time with new custom patches and airbrushed-style graphics, referencing the bad boy aesthetic that defines Guns ‘N Roses and their music.

In addition to the vintage denim pieces, the collection features five apparel styles and a trucker hat, which draw inspiration from the iconic ‘Appetite for Destruction’ album cover and the electricity that Guns N’ Roses brought to rock ‘n’ roll.


View the collection at: